God’s word


I have engaged with God’s word like never before in the last few months… find out how!


“If you feel like you a walking through a dark valley…

“If you feel like you are walking through a dark valley, hear God’s promises for you: ‘I will give you treasures in this valley! Riches stored in secret places.’ So, beloved, walk forward and unafraid, with faith, be strong and take heart. God is near even if you can’t feel Him. He’s for you, with you and making a way where there is no way. Don’t give up, keep walking, persevere and you will see a breakthrough.” God is a God of breakthrough!

Trying a bit of poetry

So a bit different this time I have tried my hand at a piece of poetry, please let me know your thoughts, I am a major beginner poet!

He is God

God leads me from this place, and He will take me through it.
He will take me to a new place, and He will rescue me from this pit.

I didn’t ask to be in this place, and He did not put me here.
But I know He is a God who keeps promises, and He can take away all fear.

As I sit and tell Him my struggles, and pour out my worries, He never leaves me.
As I sit in complete silence, not able to talk at all, He lets me just be.

He is a God who restores me when I am weak, He picks me up when I am down.
He is a God who’s constant when I am down, He never gives up or let’s me drown.

When I stare at God’s beautiful creation, the ocean, the mountains and the nights bright shining star.
When I take in God’s goodness, the Father, the Spirit and the Son, who are not far.

I cannot deny His love, I cannot explain His love.
It is far beyond any mind could know.

I cannot deny His call, I cannot explain His call.
It is a call for more, for me to say, “Yes God, I’ll go.”