This is a joy

It’s been a while since I properly blogged, apologies!


There has been BIG NEW NEWS since my last post and that is that I am now the official Youth Worker at Haywards Heath Baptist Church – of which I am employed 14 hours per week. This is incredibly exciting, a massive answer to prayer and a new journey I am beginning.


I begun my new role on October 1st, and it’s been a great start. Many of you know that HHBC has always been my ‘home’ church. I came to faith through the youth work there, and so it’s always been close to my heart. To be able to give something back to the church by working with the children and young people at the Church, is just a massive privilege and blessing to me, I am so grateful to God for this opportunity.

My prayer for this new season is simply that I will give my all to God, and that through this there will be breakthrough with the children and young people I work with. For them, things may change as I seek His will, and I hope that keeping it God-centered will be an example for them all.


Sometimes I just want to jump up and down with joy because of what Jesus has called me to do, firstly working with young people and where He currently has called me to at HHBC. This is a joy.


Just wanted to keep you updated on what I’m doing, and I will hopefully be blogging more regularly as I get settled into my new routine.

If you are a prayer please pray for me, the young people and children, HHBC and as I look for another part time job to go along side this one.



This Life is Yours

yesHEis brings us multiple short films to engage people with the gospels and God. This Life is Yours is their latest film, which in 5 minutes, tells us the story of Isak. 

Isak seems to have all that he wants, the job, the lifestyle in the city, the parties, but each moment he finds himself alone he crumbles into a broken guy who is feeling, empty, confused and unfulfilled. The great videography and powerful use of emotion triggering music helps us identify with Isak, to a time where we have felt we’ve had it all and had nothing, almost at the same time. Isak speaks of his journey of discovering God, an encounter he had with God at home and what this means for his life now.

The most gripping line in this short film says this: “If you can take this little thing that I’ve got that’s called Isak’s life, if you can make something out of it, because I can’t, then I’ll give you everything.” I believe that all of us at one point can relate to this. Can relate to a feeling that screams “What are you doing with your life”, “what have you really got to give.” And God uses this, uses us, for good, and it’s a journey, as Isak explains, there is challenges, doubts, fears and God has to deal with stuff, but even with nothing. No money, no job, having moved back home, God has given him joy. 

And we all crave joy, right?


Please check this video out, I would love to hear how it spoke to you…