What it’s like back on home turf…

photo (8)

This week I moved back to my parental home, back in sunny Sussex after finishing my degree and time at Woodford Baptist Church (another blog to come about the topic of leaving.)

I’ve created a new hashtag on Instagram #perksoftheparentalhome and have been challenged to think about what moving ‘home’ means especially when I would also call South Woodford ‘home.’

What ‘home turf’ means to me:
1. It means fresh fruit and vegetables growing in the garden, courgettes and raspberries. Gorgeous.
2. It means 2 very different housemates! My mum and dad, who are not quite as Frozen obsessed as Courtney and not willing to join in with much singing, dancing, film nights, take away’s and zumba.
3. It means being able to walk one minute down the road and be at Lindfield Common, a big green space where I can sit, chill out, and have ‘moments’ with God.
4. It means being able to hang my washing outside!
5. It means the discovery of yummy food in the fridge and my Mum’s yummy cooking.
6. It means I can catch up with friends I haven’t seen for a long time or spent quality time with recently.
7. It means returning to my home church, who are loving and welcoming.
8. It means a beautifully decorated room thanks to my Dad.
9. It means living far away from some of my closest friends.
10. It means living far away from young people I’ve got to know incredibly well and grown to love, and having far less input in their walks with God.
11. It means leaving a church who adopted me, loved me, invested me and supported me.
12. It means (currently) a lack of job, and not knowing what’s next.
13. Which in turn means a lack of money.
14. It means a lot of question marks, a lot of ‘I don’t knows.’

Finally it means that I have listened to God. It means opportunities to work with and invest in the young people here, to show them God’s love, to walk with them on their journeys. To serve those in this local area. To show my family what God’s love looks like. To rekindle friendships. To create new friendships. To encounter God here, as well as there. To bring all I learnt about who I am and who God is and help others understand who He is, and who they are.

And although leaving and moving has been difficult, and will continue to be at times, this final point is what I’ve got to HOLD onto. Firmly, tightly, never letting go of why I have come here, who God is going to use me to bless and think of all the opportunities God is going to give me. I feel like God is calling me to work with the young people here, and that is what moving here means. I am ready, I am ready for God to break my heart for them. I am ready to feel compassion, I am ready to serve God. You said ‘Go’ and I’ve gone. Use me, I pray.

‘Home turf’ has never felt so exciting.


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