Hello 2014

Happy new year to you all, I hope you all had fun celebrating.

Every new year I try to make some resoloutions, it’s not an actually written list for me, but in my head there’s a small list of things I would love to achieve in the next year. I thought the same this year too, until, my friend posted a link to this blog (http://shelovesmagazine.com/2013/ring-new-year-one-word/) on her Facebook and I discovered Oneword365 – the origins of this can be found on http://oneword365.com/. This focuses not on a list of resolutions but on a word for your year, just one word. 

Picking one word for the year; maybe it’s a trait that you want more of, maybe it’s what you are seeking to become more like & focusing on it. Keeping on coming back to it, looking at how it’s changing you this year. For me, this idea sounded ideal, and although a lover of list’s I knew that having to home in on one word and drawing to that each time instead of checking myself against a probably will-end-up-disappointing new years resolutions lists would be good for me. Different, challenging but good. I prayed about it, and very quickly my word for 2014 came to me. 

My word is Focus.

There are a few reasons why I think that this is my word, I believe that it’s so important to keep your focus on God, and when you are in ministry it’s absolutely key to all that you do. Also I feel that as it’s my last year of Uni, I’ll be graduating in July, I need to focus on my degree, on my work, and reaching that goal of finishing. But also beyond that, looking to the future but again, remembering to focus on God through the plans and discovery of new adventures and what’s next’s.

Join me if you like, and pick one word for your year. Place a reminder of that word somewhere you look or go every day, your desk, your laptop, your bathroom. 

God bless

Steph x

Thank you Lindsay Grant for linking this beautiful idea – check out her website, she is awesome – http://picturingbeauty.co.uk/



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