“For when 2 or 3 gather in my name, there I am with them.”

A month or 2 ago I was in Spain for a short break with my good friend Ally, it was an amazing time of relaxation and sunshine for the both of us, amongst our busy lives. We were there over a Sunday and both Christians, and regular church attenders we sought to find an opportunity to “be church” whilst we were there. A search for an English speaking church nearby was unsuccessful so we decided to “do church” ourselves. With access to worship music and both of us engaging in that style of music, we listened to the powerful lyrics of worship music, we then read the Bible together and had meaningful conversation that shared testimony, story and struggle of our recent walk with God, and the conversation was real and honest. I thought; this can be, this is church too.

The Bible says in Matthew 18 verse 20 that “where 2 or 3 gather in Jesus name, he is among us, and that’s exactly true, Ally and I were gathered, and God was there, among us, with us. It was beautiful.

Sometimes I feel we can get caught up in what church is, and what it looks like, there are many expressions of church and none are exactly right, and none are exactly wrong, just different. For example the 24/7 prayer model of church, which can be found on http://www.24-7prayer.com/communities or there is small local church models, or large church models such as Bethel or Hillsong.

Often, however I feel we can get caught up in the rituals and routines of church, and the little things. We get caught up in things like what worship looks like, order of services, things that we need to consider how does this influence our view of church. Our nation is a nation who is scared of different, scared of thinking outside the box. We need to think of how we see church, what church is, what church looks life, what we would like it to look like… And why it doesn’t look like that!!

I challenge you to think outside the box and have a think today about church and the expressions of church you have seen, are part of, and would like to see!


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