Compassion Sunday

Apologies for the lack of updates, I had a bit of a crazy summer, not staying in the same place for very long, or if I did it was a muddy field with limited phone battery and internet access. The joys of youth work hey! (Secretly I love it!)

So yesterday was Compassion Sunday. Compassion is a Christian child sponsorship charity working with children in 26 poverty stricken countries, supporting the the overall child through their projects and the money you donate. 8 year old Maria’s letters never fail to make me smile, as they drop through the letterbox I open with excitement to see what she has been up to and to see some of her cute little drawings. She lives in Tanzania, and because of Compassion receives a good education, learns about God and is provided with food and love. I hope to one day go and meet Maria. The care people give to these children is overwhelming and is only possible because of people like you and me, those can reach out a hand not only financially but also prayerfully to strangers, but to their brothers and sisters in Christ. God loves you, and He also loves each and every one of these children world wide, whether they are in poverty or not.

Take a look at this short video to see an example of a child changed by Compassion, their sponsor and of course, God.

Today, I challenge you to be part of someone’s story. To help a child in poverty know their full potential, know that they are loved.
With Compassion it costs £21 but what you gain, and what they gain is worth so much more.
Can you sponsor a child with Compassion today?


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