Trying a bit of poetry

So a bit different this time I have tried my hand at a piece of poetry, please let me know your thoughts, I am a major beginner poet!

He is God

God leads me from this place, and He will take me through it.
He will take me to a new place, and He will rescue me from this pit.

I didn’t ask to be in this place, and He did not put me here.
But I know He is a God who keeps promises, and He can take away all fear.

As I sit and tell Him my struggles, and pour out my worries, He never leaves me.
As I sit in complete silence, not able to talk at all, He lets me just be.

He is a God who restores me when I am weak, He picks me up when I am down.
He is a God who’s constant when I am down, He never gives up or let’s me drown.

When I stare at God’s beautiful creation, the ocean, the mountains and the nights bright shining star.
When I take in God’s goodness, the Father, the Spirit and the Son, who are not far.

I cannot deny His love, I cannot explain His love.
It is far beyond any mind could know.

I cannot deny His call, I cannot explain His call.
It is a call for more, for me to say, “Yes God, I’ll go.”


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