“You of little faith, why do you doubt me?” Jesus… Why doubt is NOT from God…

It’s so easy to doubt isn’t it?

It’s such an easy habit to fall into; doubting yourself, doubting others and doubting God.

I have found myself doubting myself far too often recently, and it’s not healthy and not what God wants for me, or for any of us, His children. In recent weeks I’ve had many situations where I have doubted myself where there was no need. To name a couple, situation one was at a group I work with where a young person revealed to me an incident she had witnessed, apologies I can not detail this further but it is very personal for the young person, as a follow up I needed to liaise with another leader about it, and talk again to the young person about the situation. But during the ‘in-between’ time of this process I started asking myself, did I hear her right, did I pass on the correct information, did I deal with it in the right way? In fact, I had. I had heard it right, I had communicated well with the right information and I dealt with it in exactly the right way. Secondly, another recent example, is when I heard squealing at about half midnight, human squealing. With living next to a public alleyway I decided to wake one of who I live with to find out if everything was okay, but again, in that ‘in-between’ time before making that decision I doubted  myself, I asked myself, did I really hear that, did that really sound like how I think it did? And no, it wasn’t human squealing (stupid foxes!) but I did the right thing and doubt nearly stopped me doing that.

I feel like for many of the young people I work with and may do so in the future, self doubt will be something they need to fight against and as a youth worker I need to be equipped to tell them that this is not what God wants for them. He made them self confident beings that are able to live their lives to the full because of Christ, where doubt does not hold them back, where they do not miss God’s works, where they do not miss opportunities and where doubt does not stop them doing what is right. Doubt is NOT from God and this ultimately is the message I not only need to learn for myself but also pass onto others.

Even when Jesus was right there, visibly right in front of Peter, when asked to walk on water, (Matthew 14 from verse 22) doubted,  he doubted Jesus, when He had said directly “Yes, come” walk on the water, but I also feel Peter doubted himself, he believed he was not good enough, he didn’t have the ability to walk on water, even after Jesus had commissioned him to do so. The enemy, through doubt, spoke to Peter,  and Peter fell for it.

Let’s not fall for the words of the enemy any more  lets remember the words of Paul in Philippians 4: 13 “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Speak this out, often and you will learn to believe it. God made us self confident, He wants our minds to be clear of doubt and full of belief and determination.

I pray against the spirit of doubt, doubt in Jesus, doubt in other people, doubt in ourselves  in Jesus’ name remove this doubt and help us live life, in its fullness, like you designed for us.  Amen


One point I would like to add is that doubt is not the same as personal reflection and whilst it can lead to reflect on something, which is the positive that often comes out the situation you can self reflect on situations WITHOUT beginning the process with doubt, and this is the best way.


One thought on ““You of little faith, why do you doubt me?” Jesus… Why doubt is NOT from God…

  1. As usual, Steph, you’ve put together a thought-provoking, faith-enhancing blog and I absolutely relate to what you’ve said. Keep up the amazing work. You are an incredible youth worker!

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