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Okay, so I have been appalling at this blog malarkey, I apologise, and here I am Valentines day, with no one but myself, and I find myself some time to write…. However…that would be a lie. I have worked 8 hours today, studied for 2, seen friends for 2 and it is now midnight – Oh Valentines day fail – when it’s not actually Valentines any more  Hehe. I am not complaining, do not get me wrong. I love love love my job. I have had a lovely day, full of love of friends, colleagues and God 🙂 I do not mind working random hours, I do not mind spending my study day seeking the Kingdom for our community of young people with other local youth workers – (of course I don’t, studying is not my fav!) If I can share a fraction of how much I love my job, it would not express enough. I love my job! 

Talking about love, lets just talk to you about someone who is very special to me. If you do not like cheese, skip this paragraph!! I have been close friends with Jess, for about 4 years, which has been filled with joy and laughs, but also hurt and tears. There have been things that have been hard, things that have drawn us closer, some that have been tough. Through all this there has been the creation of an amazing friendship, one that will last through thick and thin. I admire Jess so much, she has been served a lot of rubbish in her life, but she carries on. Not plodding on, but pushing through. She is thoughtful, and caring, and I couldn’t imagine not being friends with Jess. Without a valentine, I will take this time to tell Jess that I love her so much, and thank you. For everything. CHEESE OVER!!

So Jan and Feb have been busy, good busy, full of fun, learning and growth. In clothes size particularly 😉 I have learnt how to become dependent on God, how to trust Him, how to follow his guidance and am continuing on a life long journey of how to share His love with the young people I work with, and other people around me. By now, in my previous posts by week by week activity is known. This coming couple of weeks have some bigger stuff that I would love to share, and also some highlights of the last couple of months. Business, I love. Those of you who know me, know unless I am asleep, eating or watching TV, business is what I do well.

This Sunday is one of those busy days. One of our young people received a vision, excitingly, to go and pray for those in central London, and after Church, we are seeing this vision made reality. A group of us, young people aged 14+, and a couple of leaders, and being bold, and seeking out the miraculous in London for those who ask for prayer. When God gives a vision, He see’s it through and I am excited, if not a little anxious, about this one. The passion of this young person is something to me admired. Chase your dreams, and do not let God given vision run away from you. This is why we are going out to pray on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday evening is our termly youth service, which should be a brilliant time, where we are making space for God to work, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us, and lead us. If you do pray, please pray for the team leading this, and for the young people, that they encounter God in such a way that they could never deny his existence. I am looking forward to what God is going to do this weekend!!

Coming up, we also have our Youth Alpha Holy Spirit weekend, which is going be brilliant, again, looking forward to what’s in store! A couple of highlights from the last 2 months have been the Soul Net youth leaders retreat, that 6 of us from WBC went on. Center Parcs for a weekend was a warm welcome, with lots of relaxing, laughs and great times of teaching and worship from the Soul Survivor team and Matt Summerfield from Urban Saints. There have been many little pockets of smiles and blessings over the last while, little conversations, little tiny pieces of joy, deep and meaningful conversation and Jesus shining through people and situations.

Positivity is reigning for me right now, and yes there are plenty of things that need improvement, so much in the world that is not right, not fair, not just. I am praying for change, for breakthrough, for miracles and I believe in a God who can do this. I believe it’s possible.

Change is possible when God is at the centre.

As a side, this lent, I am undertaking the 40 acts scheme, a scheme focusing on kindness and generosity in the community. It’s run by stewardship, and if you are interested in seeing what it’s all about or joining in (it’s great by the way!) the website can be found on:


One thought on “Valentines blog love…

  1. Steph, you’re an inspiration! I’m so glad you love the job and are up for all its challenges… and joys. Keep up all the amazing work! Fiona

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