Crazy few weeks…

I’m sorry about the lack of update, Christmas is such a chaotic season, and I love it, but it means my blog is VERY left behind. 

So I’m not going to break down the last few weeks, I’m just going to share with you the highlights 🙂

The weeks leading up to Christmas are always fun, busy but fun. The main thing I’ve been preparing for is a massive youth party called Winterfest, which was a joint church project which took place on Friday. The party was really well attended by about 100 young people and they had loads of fun. There was a fairground theme, with a rodeo reindeer, fairground games, candy floss machine, popcorn machine, ice cream factory, disco, games station, pinata and loads more. It was really great to work together with all the other youth leaders on what turned out to be an amazing event. 

One highlight was visiting my close friend Kirsti in Manchester and catching what she is getting up, she is on the Genetik course which is run by The Message Trust and working with young people in Eccles. If you’d like to see what she is up to, she has a blog on…   and is a lot better at updating than me!!!

Also on the same trip up North, I saw one my closest friends Jess and many of the young people I worked with during my internship at Altrincham Baptist Church were involved in a youth-run service I got to see, which was a huge blessing for me. Also catching up with friends from Alty always gives me a smile on my face. 🙂

There has been significant growth recently in our numbers on Monday nights and Sunday mornings. Last Monday we had 20 young people which is the most we’ve had in a very long time. New young people keep coming, and those already there seem to be gifted in encouraging their friends along. It’s been great.

Sunday Mornings we continued to look at prayer at last week we had them praying for each other and trying to recognise that they can pray for the adults, they can pray for their youth leaders, they can pray for each other. I feel that God has really been challenging these young people and it’s been great to see them develop in confidence in prayer, and also ask lots of questions, always a good sign!!! 

On Monday evenings we have been looking at the Nativity story,  but focusing on the supernatural and this also has been great to give a new lease of life to the well known story. The young people engaged well and again the questions have been flowing. 

Youth Cafe is just continuing to go well, so praise God for that!

This morning saw our Christmas family service which involved every one in the church dressing up. I played the part of Joseph and suited a beard quite well, I was told!!! Not sure that’s a compliment I can accept!Image The message, which Katie delivered was that of Jesus being a gift for each of us, and she portrayed it so well with a lot of passion. The best part was the reveal of our staff nativity that we had filmed a few weeks ago. Got lots of laughs. I’m about to head off to our carol Service then I am off home for a break of around 2 weeks. I will restart, and be better and blogging in January, I promise!!!

I received a card from a young person this morning and I was touched by the message that was inside… “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope you and Katie don’t leave church ever, because you guys are the best,”    I’ve known this young person since this October so am blessed that she appreciates what we do after such a short amount of time. 🙂

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and celebrate entering 2013 with lots of laughs and smiles!!!


God Bless.

Steph x





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