Busy times!

Apologies for my lack of a post or 2 in the last 2 weeks, things have been really busy, and it kind of went out the window!

Apart from being busy, it’s been a good couple of weeks. I talked in previous post about the upcoming weekend away, that has happened now. It was a really great weekend, I was involved with the young people who attended, we had 5 boys. Most of the sessions were led by a guest speaker, Sam, who has an awesome testimony we all enjoyed hearing and we felt blessed he could come and share his wisdom with these boys. The weekend, which took place at Ashburnum Place, near Battle in Sussex was so much fun despite the drastic weather, loads of rain! It was lovely just ‘being’ with my Woodford Baptist church family. There was a good number of 20’s and 30’s so it was good to continue growing my friendship with each of them. Unfortunately  that Friday we couldn’t have youth cafe as they were cleaning the church carpet, this was a shame, especially for consistency for the young people, but it meant we could get to the weekend in good time, so logistically it worked better. Please pray for all the members of the church.

The next week flew by, I led our Monday night youth group talk, the nativity, from Mary’s perspective looking a lot about the huge amount of supernatural in this story and we so often dismiss so quickly. I used this session for my most recent piece of work I handed in, my fieldwork report, so I gained feedback from one young person and detailed feedback from my supervisor, something which is always interesting and beneficial, so I can improve my practice.

On a personal note, I gave blood during this week, and I really encourage you to think about doing this if you don’t already. It’s really not that horrible and doesn’t take up too much time. It saves peoples lives. Check out:  http://www.blood.co.uk       – Please pray for those who need blood transfusions etc, and praise God for the many people who do give blood.

This week at youth cafe, we had 9 young people, 1 who we had never met before and 1 who comes to our Monday evening group. One young person who we know only through thirst came on Monday evening this week, thank you to God for the visible links we have between our groups already. The young person from youth cafe who started attending church on a Sunday morning with her whole family is still attending regularly, praise God. Please continue to pray for youth cafe and the engagement we have with the young people who attend.

On Friday evening I held a Pudding party to raise money for two charities who are fighting against human trafficking. We raised £168 which will be split between Stop the Traffik and The A21 Campaign. Please pray for those caught up in this disgusting trade, so many more than we think. Pray for charities such as these who are fighting against it all.

I had a lovely trip to Brighton for a friends birthday on Saturday, and on Sunday I had a lovely day, I was in with the young people in the morning, then the 20’s/30’s of the Church met to eat pizza and think about an opportunity for an evening service, aimed at our age group. Please pray as we continue to plan for what could be a really exciting thing 🙂 Me and Danielle went to HTB in the evening, which again really blessed us both in our spiritual journeys. Praise God we can go to church, pray for those around the world who cannot freely go to church. 

I received 2 further sets of results from uni since the last post, and I got a 2.2 in the first piece and a 2.1 in the second. This means that I will receive a 2.1 for this module in total, praise God for this. 

I have handed in my field work report for our new module, a theology module, and the second piece, the journal, is due on the 18th December, then the essay is due in early January. Please pray I can get these done well, and be on top of the essay by Christmas, so I can have a good break. Please also pray as I’m finding the uni work quite difficult at the moment and I’m not very motivated.

Thanks for reading 🙂

God bless

Steph x





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