Amazing week :)

Hi guys,

I am glad I left this post until today because something really exciting happened this morning, but you’ve gotta wait to the end of this post until you find out – no cheating and skipping this bit though!!

So my week has been pretty great this week, on Sunday we had youth church, I was not leading this week, but was there and we begun our new topic of prayer, this is something we all struggle with at some point, but the young people attending have expressed a real desire to hear from God, and are finding this difficult, and hard to engage with prayer, and God prompted me to look at this with the young people on a Sunday morning. After lunch, and the church meeting, in the evening me and my friend Danielle went to Nando’s and then to HTB. HTB, for those of you who don’t know is quite a well known church in South Kensington, London, a large Anglican church, who run about 8 services in 2 buildings every Sunday  it has a large community of people in their 20’s, students etc and this, and the apparently amazing worship, is what drew me to try it as an evening service. It’s so important that I get spiritually fed, and when I am with the youth 3 out of 4 weeks and with no evening service at WBC it’s hard so off we went to try HTB (actually this was for the 2nd time.) We loved it. The worship is amazing and really gives you time to spend with God. Please pray I can attend here often and it will give me the spiritual food I need.

Monday brought with it an exciting visit to Forest School, a local all through private school, with a Christian ethos but not many opportunities for the young people to express their faith. I had contacted the Chaplain a while back and was hoping to engage in the school in some way, maybe by supporting a Christian Union or something similar. The school was so much like Hogwarts, I can’t tell you, the dining hall, where I had a yummy, yes yummy school dinner, was so like in Hogwarts, it was crazy. I had a tour, and really engaged well with the Chaplain and plans for my involvement in the school. From January I will be assisting him in running confirmation classes, doing the Emmaus course, which looks like a really good course looking at many parts of the Christian faith, both he and I are hoping this will then grow into a Christian Union and my involvement will carry on into that, a very successful meeting 🙂 Praise God for this meeting.

Monday night youth group went well and so did my mentoring session I have weekly with one of my young people.

Tuesday saw a normal day in the office, but then I went to a different cell group, one I had previously attended, after praying about which one to attend for quite a while. The couple who host my normal cell group, had their baby 2 days ago, so that is going to be pretty disrupted anyway. I really enjoyed cell, and will probably stick there for a while.  Please pray for the family with the new addition, and also that I have made the right decision with changing cell group.

Wednesday at college was a good day, if not a bit heavy, a new theology module is definitely going to stretch my brain capacity!! The excitement of the day was 4 fire engines and 2 police cars attended a fire alert at the station opposite uni, which then turned to nothing where only 2 of the fire men got out!!!

I received the results of my first assessment  one marked with Pass, merit, distinction, and I got a pass, I am quite happy with this, especially as I was quite close to Merit! Please pray for my further 2 sets of results in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday saw a study day, doing directed learning tasks (homework) followed by Youth cell, which I led a session on Heaven & Hell – involving a Simpsons episode, some games and lots of discussion. I feel it went well.

On Friday I helped at Grace, and had a good day, with less students than normal, which made a huge difference to behaviour and was less chaotic, the thought to end the day was how do we deal with the major distraction of phones – something Grace don’t do is ban phones but give the young people responsibility for their own learning, however phones have become a massive problem and the staff and volunteers were all discussing how to effectively encourage the students to only use their phones at break and lunch time. After this was our youth cafe, set up was a lot easier after having done it last week, and we were ready to go.

This is where my week started to get amazing with 10 young people showing up, after 3 the week before. 5 of the young people we had NEVER met before, some brought by friends of our Monday or Sunday youth, but 2 came because of giving out the fliers on the streets the previous week. I really feel this was God saying to me, I’m in this. This is my plan, this is the vision I gave you, and I’m here, now, at work. I literally couldn’t stop smiling. Next week, if the young people bring a friend who has never been before they get a free drink, so please pray this attracts even more young people. 

This then was followed by a very positive supervision meeting, over dinner, with Katie, who feedbacks how well I’ve been doing, and I feedback how I’ve been finding everything.

I spent Saturday in London with friends from home which was fab.

This morning, Sunday I was leading youth church, and we watched one of the Nooma films, one called Open, which was about prayer, which was really well aimed at the young people attending. We then used our prayer wall to express things we wanted to change in the world, and things we were angry at God for. After this we decorated prayer journals for each of the young people to use at home. Please pray they can use these journals, and that it helps them realise God is at work, here, now, with them. Amazingly one of the young people from youth cafe came along for the first time, something which she had mentioned she would like to try on Friday, and something we had prayed about. She seemed to have a really good time, and brought her whole family, and it was great to see a link between youth cafe and church already! Please pray that she had a good time, and that her and her family felt welcomed and want to come again, and discover more of God.

I have been playing changing rooms today and my room looks totally different, but amazing, thanks to Vickie and having a pretty relaxed day and evening.

It’s been a great week where I have seen God at work, and have just been so in love with what I do and why I do it 🙂 Thank you Jesus!!!

Please also pray for our Church weekend away next week, all aspects of it. Also, I am helping lead the youth work there.

God Bless

Steph x




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