New Start!

Okay so as you can tell I am rubbish rubbish rubbish at updating my blog but I really would like to start it again. I am going to schedule in a time each week to write it and actually do it!!

It’s half term next week so I’m back home, so my new start will begin the week commencing the 5th November 🙂

But I will give you a summary of what the last lots of 10 months have looked like!


Since my last post I have moved house, I now live 5 minutes from the Church which is just lush! I lodge with a couple who are like in their 40’s from the church and they have one other lodger. Being nearby Church is very good!!! I have the attic room, and it’s massive! I have 2 beds!!! I also have a sink and it’s just got lots of space for all my things to be put away nicely 🙂 I am still open to moving if it’s somewhere where I am with others my own age and it would be sociable as that is what I wanted from day 1. 

Things at WBC are going really really well. We have had a new Youth and Children’s Pastor start, Katie, back in August, so I work really closely with her and we’ve been getting on really well. It has changed the dynamics slightly but definitely for the positive and I feel there is a lot more scope for expansion with both Katie and I here for the young people and what we offer them.  I’ve been keeping busy, developing new things, continuing and improving existing activities and exploring new types of youth work and gaining experience in lots of places. You will hear all about this in a fortnights time!

Oasis and the course is going well too, I passed my first year and have just finished my first module of 2nd year, with 1 essay to hand it still. The structure has changed quite a bit between year 1 and 2 cutting our lecture time down by half, quite difficult to grasp. It is going well though, I just need to learn to be self disciplined when it comes to my study days and what I do with them!

I’m back in Lindfield over the half term, until Thursday, I will be giving an update in Harlands on the 28th October (tomorrow) and then writing an essay during the week, fun times!!! 

We are then taking 13 young people to Alton Towers on the Friday and Saturday – the 2nd/ 3rd November which I have organised myself so this should be a good trip. It’s a very fun place to take your youth group, but when you have organised it yourself there is definitely responsibility on your shoulders which you can’t forget about.

I’m sure it will be great though!

Here are a couple of prayer points for the next week or so. 

I’ll be back! I promise!!


  • Please pray I can relax over the half term
  • That I can interview the right person for my essay and nearly finish it by Thursday.
  • That the Alton Towers trip goes smoothly, the young people respond to the gospel message and we all have fun!
  • That I can be better at updating my blog!!
  • Also 4 young people from my home church are getting baptised on the 4th November, so thankful I can come back for this, and it is very exciting, pray for them all! God is very good.

God Bless

Steph xImage



Woodford Baptist Church – my placement church.


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