Being rubbish at updates, WBC & Life!

So as you can probably tell I am extremley rubbish at updating this… I’m sorry it’s been pretty mad and sometimes I just forget this exists!

I have more recently moved into a house in Leytonstone with 2 other Christian girls. The house is great, after a month with using a lamp for a bahroom light this has recently been fixed, so thats great. I’m actually doing a little bit of proper cooking(!!!!) I have 2 rooms, a small bedroom (with a creaky double bed!) and drawers and TV/ cd player etc and the second room has a desk and all my clothes and a bookcase. Ikea did me well for some pieces of furniture and I love my 2 rooms lots 🙂

Just thought I would give you a break down of my week so you know what I’m up to really! I work approximately 12 hours each week including face to face contact time and admin, paper work and preparing for sessions. Although I am studying for Youth work (12 years old +) for the 1st year it is required I work with Children and do Family Support work too, so my time is divided between these 3 areas. I also have to undertake an Observational placement in each area – Youth, Children’s and Family Support. I haven’t started this quite yet. This will be good to gain more and different experience and meet more people..

Please pray I can sort out my observational placements and get these started.

On Tuesdays and Wednesday I go into central London, near Waterloo, to the Oasis building and have lectures – which are taught with the attitude so we can put them into practice at our placement. I have already submitted one essay, our first 2 are reflective assignments, and passed and I have another due on Monday 12th Dec. These ae quite short and personal linking to something specific in placement. In Jan I have 2 bigger essays to do, scary stuff! My current semester we are covering Christian Identity in Mission and Ministry and Introduction to social care and professional practice. This includes things such as: overview of Christian story and contemporary challenges, understanding of local ministry applied to regular practices; Frameworks, safe guarding, safe practice, self management, critical thinking, reflective practice and spirituality.

Please pray for my next few assignments

Besides from College my week is a bit like this: On Monday it is my study day, essay writing and typing up and taking in notes I’ve taken in previous lectures. On Monday night  ‘Uth’ happens. I am involved in the set up, set down and admin on this. This is youth group where there might be chill out week, with wii, table tennis, pool, football, tuck shop etc, or there may be an activity like mini olympics, cooking, film night etc. Each week there is a 10/ 15 minute ‘God slot’ for the young people to learn about God and His word. On Thursdays I do admin work, people are able to delegate any youth or children’s paper work and prep work to me! This is also a day for thinking and researching into new ideas for these areas, which is very exciting! On Thursday evening ‘Thursday Club’ In this I might lead games or craft. This is there mid week kids gorup for years R – year 6. Where there is a bible story, a game and a craft. I also do some admin for this group too. On Friday’s I help with Toddler Church, befriending the parents and being there as a friendly face. This is for the parents to bring their toddler age children to sing and hear about God in a story and do a craft. I then have a Supervisors meeting with Neil, the minister and we chat about the week that’s just happened and pray. On Sunday morning I help with ‘Kidz zone’ usually with the Year 3 – 6’s. This is their Sunday school where there is a story with the year R – year 2’s aswell then the ages split and there is time to reflect on the story and to talk about it, to play a board game and then a physical game in the churches Sports hall. I will usually chat with the children, lead games, pray with them and discuss the story they heard that week. I am half way through running a 4 week girls cell group for years 7 – 13 which I have played a part in setting up, organising, preparing some of the sessions and leading along with Heather, the main youth work volunteer.

Please pray for all the activities I’m involved in and all the young people, children and families I have contact with.

I’m having an amazing time, I’m happy where I live and am really settled in placment, thinking of new and exciting ideas and working to make what is already in place even better! 🙂 Finance is quite tight at the moment especially around Christmas but I’m learning to budget and NOT go shopping (!!) I am only guarenteed in this church for a year so please pray that they either can keep me on or the right church will become apparent to me. The academic side of things is challenging but I’m getting a bit more used to it now, especially after the encouragement of passing my first assignment – thank you Lisa R for your help in editing this 🙂

Please pray a prayer of thanks that everything is going well

If you have any questions, ideas, encouragements, email me, Facebook me or come and visit 🙂

Much Love

Steph x


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