Holiday Club, Oasis residential and Moving!

So I have to think back to write this blog, thinking back about a month, lack of internet has prevented me from posting sorry, sooooooo

I helped at WBC’s holiday club in the summer, meeting many of the adult volunteers many who help with kids groups etc and I met many of the children some going to the kids groups but some just from the local area. The theme was the lost coat and it was the story of Joseph with the whole theme being Egyptians. It was great to meet many people and see kids work in action!

I moved my stuff into my room on Saturday the 10th September.. I don’t have a photo sorry!… I’m temporarily living with an old lady from the church, as I think I previously mentioned, in a maisonette in Walthamstow at the top of her house. Dad drove me and my stuff and my Mum (she couldn’t fit in the car!) came up on the train, I saw another potential room to rent but unfortunately didn’t get that one either. 😦 But then I came home again with my parents after unloading all my stuff and doing a food shop!

On the Monday the Oasis residential begun at the University of Winchester… I arrived by train… bumping into some people I recognised at Clapham Junction… the residential was really good, there was all 3 years of students and postgraduates etc there too which was good to meet lots of new people. The 3 days was pretty full on, there was no free time, lots of whole college gatherings, year group gatherings, seminars and out of hours activities, on the 2nd/ last night there was a formal dinner which was a lot of fun, the girls especially liked it wearing dresses and getting dolled up 🙂 We had this manic task in Winchester with lots of challenges, we literally legged it round Winchester it was pretty mad! And I don’t do running! Haha…

Prayer wise this was in the past so no requests right now but please continue praying in general…


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