Soul Survivor B, C and Momentum!

So all my summer adventures are over, sad times!

So I will tell you a little about what I’ve been up to.

My parents dropped me at Shepton Mallet, Somerset on day 1 of Soul Survivor B, I pitched my tent next to someone’s I knew, Rebecca in the team village, well actually I left my Mum, Dad and Rebecca pitching my tent as I had my first team meeting for the Crèche team. At the first team we met with the team leader and our group and just had a brief meeting gaining a little book of some tips and our team badge (so we can get meals and entry to teams lounge and our venue.) We arranged to meet 2 other times that evening, one for a safe guarding training and one all teams meeting with Mike Pilavachi.

The following days all merge into one really, I got to attend all evening meetings of the festivals, got some nice hot food made for us by the catering team and made some great friends (Amy, Pippa, Katie, Tom) and worked in the Crèche during the morning meetings.

Working in the Crèche meant arriving at 9.30 in the morning, having morning devotionals, then starting at 9.50 where about 45 0-2 year olds would be dropped off and left in the teams care. The first morning we had less team and 60 children so it was quite challenging but to be thrown in the deep end helped us on the following days where he had more team members and less children on average. Usually we had 2 children in our personal responsibility, one baby and toddler and we had to make sure they were always happy! Some days this didn’t really happen, and unfortunately we could not get the children to settle (it was quite hard timing – 10-1 lunch/ sleep time.) Rocking the children to sleep was lovely but not having any or enough lunch to give them sometimes was too much for the little ones. The dramatic event of the week was 0n one of the days we were told at 9.35am that Crèche may not be happening! In actual fact there was a burst drain underneath our venue and we would either have to cancel or relocate. We had to move all the toys etc and all of us to a new venue within 15 minutes as well as directing all the parents to our new venue which was not the nearest!  Our lovely team leader Beth took everything under her wing and with the steward vans help we managed to move and direct everyone and everything to our new huge venue – which in turn had a few problems of its own! I saw some friends that I wanted to see, and a couple of gigs including Twelve24.  All the issues we experienced were sorted out and the whole week on teams was a great experience, I definetley would do Creche team next year, the cute and cuddly babies were worth it!!!

Change over day was interesting… we had to move my tent and all its contents from one side of the site to the other, and with some Stewards help we managed it and I re pitched my tent in the site that the HHBC youth would be joining be on. During the afternoon they arrived by minibus and we set up the tents and they went to explore. David started cooking and everyone was looking forward to the first meeting in the evening – 5 of the youth had never been to Soul Survivor before and 2 had so everyone was pretty excited. Again the days kind of blur in to one when you’re camping but able to attend all of the meetings with the young people was great, seeing them get used to the new environment was excellent and the 2 who were returning for the 2nd time seemed to have a great time as well (with better food – thank you David – than last year!) With all the cafes, gigs, stalls and seminars during the day we chose what we fancied and off we went, sometimes in pairs, threes or occasionally as a group of 9. I had a few friends to meet up with and saw all who I wanted to see so that was great. Managed to see LZ7 again (Had seen them at B too) and Ad-Apt, as well as Guvna B and some others – all good.

Dress up night was the best night, were the theme was Disney, I decided it was too cold for what I had worn on A and B – A dalmatian outfit so I improvised with a blanket in my coat – hunchback of Notre dame!

Week C was excellent with HHBC, we plan to go again next year, maybe with a few more people?! I hope everyone had fun 🙂

So next was Momentum, I had never been to Momentum before but was excited as it is aimed at students, twenties and thirties. Again change over day was fun(!) Had more people and less distance to go so the tent move was a bit smoother although finding who I needed too was interesting. I was camping with Ally’s CU from Royal Hollaway Uni, Ally was arriving in the afternoon so finding her friend somewhere on Green 8 was quite fun! Had some of the day to chill then when people started arriving had lots of names to learn! We all got to know each other a little bit and were excited for the week ahead together. All of the main meetings were great, the atmosphere and worship amaze me each time and I just love it! Went to quite a few seminars, most of which were great and the teaching during the main meetings were amazing too, really touching and age appropriate. The holy spirit was definitely there and touching many peoples lives and hearts. We ate loads of cakes, the food was lovely and all the of group were so friendly and made me feel really welcome.

Had such laughs 🙂

I had such a great time at Shepton Mallet, can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Over a thousand young people became Christians at all 4 Soul Survivor events so please pray that the fire inside of them for God does not burn out and they have the courage and spirit to tell everyone of what happened in their summer!

Am off to help at Woodford holiday club Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (30-1st) so please pray this goes well and also I am going to see some rooms to rent there so please pray this goes well. 

Then on Thursday – Sunday off to Liverpool to see Jess with Kirsti 🙂

Post again soon (sooner this time as will be somewhere with reliable internet and a laptop!)

Thanks for any prayers regarding Soul Survivor/ Momentum/ Oasis/ Woodford, muchly appreciated, made friends really easily and just everything went really smoothly. God was definitely looking after me!

God bless,

Steph 🙂 x


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