Alty, Soul Survivor A, Soul Survivor B, C & Momentum prep

So… the first is done!

Soul Survivor A was a new experience for me but catching up with and reuniting myself with the ABC lot was really good. I arrived into Alty by coach, not smelly thankfully!

I stayed at the lovely Rowley family’s house, only one thing missing, my surrogate sister Emma who was in Uganda! It was great to catch up with them briefly be back to what definitely felt like home when I lived there.

The next day was Soul Survivor Day, with a few spare hours in the morning I headed to The Hub, to see who I could see and help get things ready. I met up with Claire, Sam and Joe, and saw Sarah, Ruth, Andy and Sheila too along with some others, it was again lovely to catch up and show off my new hair cut 🙂

Leaving on our huge coach, about 20 of us, set off to Stafford to the showground. With my very helpful tent and chair trolley (an eBay purchase) snapping on arrival my mood was not great, but was picked up with giggles and fun pitching the tents and chilling in the afternoon.

Soul Survivor was really good, the meetings were extremely powerful for many of the young people and definitely touched some of their hearts, the worship was fab and teaching really appropriate for the ages of people ABC had. Emma arrived back from Uganda so hearing her storys was great, along with Hazel and Crystal’s tales of Hazel’s time at Crystal’s church in USA. Times for waiting on the holy spirit were much appreciated and some big prayers were prayed and responded to over the 5 days. The days were quite chilled, popping to the odd seminar here and there and exploring the venues and cafes. The food was a lot better than I thought so well done everyone 🙂

Had a really great time at my first time at Soul Survivor A, although it was really hard for all of us to say goodbye to Joe – who was finishing his time at ABC that week.

The night after SS I stayed with Sarah, Richard and Ruth, had a lovely time there, playing with Ruth and catching up with Sarah and Richard.

Unfortunately whilst away I got the news the room to rent had fallen through, someone could move in in August rather than September so they got the room, so I’m still looking for somewhere to live but I do have the reassurance of the ladies room to fall back on.

But please pray for some suitable and affordable accommodation to come up as soon as possible really!

So now I’m all packed and ready to set off in the morning for Soul Survivor B, C and Momentum, a solid 15 days in the same place.

The first 5 days I’m on the Creche team – please pray this goes well, I feel at home, and make friends easily and have fun. Planning to meet up with many people during week B to catch up so please pray this is possible.

I will try and post after week B if I can 🙂

Week C the HHBC 7 young people and 1 other leader are coming, so I just ask you to pray they are blessed and touched by the worship and teachings and that it is relevant and really resonates in their hearts.

Momentum is the 5 days suitable for my age group I will be camping with Ally and her CU at Royal Holloway, my first time at Momentum, am excited as teaching will be very relevant to my age and looking forward to meeting new people.

Please pray again that I can make friends easily and that all at Momentum are touched by what is said. 

I just also ask, listening whilst writing to the news and everything going on in London and Birmingham right now, the riots and utter chaos that is there, that you pray for the safety of everyone and that it will soon stop and a sense of peace be bought to the cities. 

Many thanks,

Much love,

Steph 🙂


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