Accomodation, Alty and Soul Survivor A prep…

So last week, me, my mum and my dad went up to Woodford to look at some places that I could live in, one was the church offered room, in the attic of a ladies house in Walthamstow, a 25 minute walk from the . The room was huge, had lots of handy things, like the mini oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, breakfast bar etc however the room doesn’t have running water up to it so this would be fustrating. Apart from that I felt I could live in the room happily, and the lady was lovely. I had set up viewings to two others places, both in Leytonstone, 2 stops on the tube from South Woodford, the first house we saw was found on a student housing website and they had many rooms available in a 10 bed house. The house was well done out but the rooms alll had double beds and they just weren’t big enough to hold double beds. The only other thing in the room was a single wardrobe, but the bonus was they all had ensuites.

For those of you who know me well, one single wardrobe and no space for a desk or drawers would not suffice for my many belongings! So we all thought, right whats next!

The last room we went to see was found on a Christian house share website, it is a house of 6 people already and therefore 7 bedrooms. The house looked quite grand the inside was very well decorated and modern. The bathroom is bigger than my bedroom at home! The room to rent is huge, it has 2 wardrobes, a massive wall of shelving, a huge window and a double bed, it also has room for a desk etc. I fell in love!

At the moment we are just in final discussions stages about renting this room but it’s looking positive so far!

Please pray that if it’s right I will be successful in getting this room!

I’m off to Altrincham tomorrow, in prep for Soul Survivor A (in Stafford) with ABC which starts on Friday, am staying at the lovely Rowleys (my house family for the majority of my time in Alty) tomorrow night so feel blessed I can just call them up and they can accomodate me for a night. Will be weird to see my old room, as Catherine, their daughter will have moved back in for the summer, but I will be forever grateful for that family for looking after me. Am busy – meant to be packing!  Have a massive to do list before I go – and knowing I only have 4/5 days between coming back and leaving for Soul Survivor B is a bit scary!

I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Hazel from Altrincham who has been travelling since February, I feel she’s going to have many stories to tell and I have seen on Facebook that she has been having an amazing time. I’m also looking forward to seeing the young people from ABC that we are taking and the other leaders, my good friends. Should be a week of giggles and God – 2 of my favourite things!  Mum and Dad bought me this funny fold up trolley so I can wheel my tent and camping chair as well as my massive back killing hiking back pack on my back. I will look very amusing between Victoria train station and the bus station!!

Coach journeys can be interesting please pray it’s okay and it’s not a smelly one!!

Please pray that all the young people and leaders that ABC are taking to Soul Survivor will encounter God on our trip and they will strengthen their relationships with Him. That we will have fun and that everyone will be blessed.


Will update again between Soul Survivor A and B!

God bless,

Steph xx



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