Swagger Jagger, Oasis and Woodford Baptist

I have got “Swagger Jagger” in my head – the song my Cher Lloyd and it’s the most annoying yet catchy song in my head!!!

This is my first post on my blog…. and you may be able to tell!

I had this week an Orientation day at Oasis College, which was really good, met lots of people I will be studying and socialising with starting in a couple of months, so that’s exciting. They all seem lovely and they all have awesome testimonies of how God has been working in their lives. It really hit me how much of a God thing deferring my entry to Oasis college was. I realise the friends I’ve made in the last 8 months, the experiences I’ve had and the new areas and situations I’ve seen would all not have happened if I had gone last year. It’s suddenly been made apparent to me how much God wanted me to wait and do something for a year before starting my training. I’ve now had practice at settling in to a new church, into new friendships and into a new place to live. I think will be so beneficial in September and I look back now and I’m so grateful for God for making the decision to defer so clear to me.

I have found a church that all going well I am going to be placed at. It’s in South Woodford which is North East London – nearly in Essex and it’s a small Baptist church. It has great facilities in their church building huge spaces for the kids groups and the people there were extremely friendly when I visited. Mid week is a little quieter but they have some bits which could be built upon or expanded in the future.

Please pray that accommodation can be sorted – they have somewhere but there is still a few questions – that financially the church feel comfortable to give the amount I needed and things like moving dates and transition details all go smoothly. Finally please pray for many of the people I met at Oasis and that their search for a placement church will be easy, quick and successful.

Thank you 🙂

Much love,

Steph x


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